Chickens in Church

9 Jun 2016

The following is an open letter from Scott Baker, WHA Rhetoric Instructor, to his students in the Rhetoric 2/Senior Thesis class this year. Dear Seniors: Congratulations on a great year completing the Senior Thesis process!  Now that you have survived the Defense and have completed your Final Draft, it’s time to celebrate.  Everyone in the WHA community is suitably proud of your achievement, especially since writing and defending a thesis is such a rare accomplishment

Need a Jumpstart this Summer?

A number of years ago, when I taught in a brick-and-mortar classical and Christian school, I had student whom I will call “Sam.”  Sam would not be described by anyone with superlative adjectives like “brilliant” or “genius”. However, he was a hard-working, conscientious student who was highly respected by all his teachers. In his sophomore year of high school, he started to really struggle academically.  Why?   He was very active in sports and other extra-curricular