Remembering the First Thanksgiving

25 Nov 2015

Earlier this semester in a Great Conversation 3 class, we discussed the common assumption that the Pilgrims founded America so that everyone could worship as they please. Something of this assumed religious pluralism seems even to color how many understand the first Thanksgiving. Natives and British settlers side by side, setting aside religious and cultural differences, simply to "be thankful." However, when we read William Bradford's journal, now known as Of Plymouth Plantation, we find

The Selfie and the Send

The Selfie and the Send:  The Two Rhetorics We Teach Caleb stands in front of his webcam wearing a crazy t-shirt depicting an orange moose climbing up the topside of a triangle (some kind of visual pun, which I could figure out if I remembered my geometry). Bright green headphones are clamped to his head and he is ready to begin his speech. Because he is comfortable in this setting, Caleb stands in the framed

Teacher Spotlight: Teri Everett

What excites you most about being part of the WHA faculty? I am thankful to be a part of a school that embraces Truth and actively promotes academic excellence as part of our pursuit of Truth. I love the classical model of education which seeks richness and depth in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. I also love science, and desire to teach in an environment where a robust science education points students to our creator rather

Student Spotlight – Joshua Coe

What grade are you in?   12th What city and state do you live in?   South Boston, VA What do you love most about being a student at Wilson Hill? Even though classes typically meet only twice a week, you can keep up with everything you have been talking about through discussion posts. These posts are really helpful because they let you see the opinions of not just your own classmates, but also other students taking

From the Head of School

I recently read a fascinating book on evangelism. The author explained that in order to win converts, we need to build relationships, speak to people on their level and hear them out first before diving in with the message. The basic idea is to ask questions and respond kindly with answers that lead the person to the natural outcome of his worldview. Sound familiar? Well, certainly many of you have read books like this one.

November College Corner

More on the PSAT and College Entrance Exams Many of you recently took the PSAT. By mid-December, the College Board will email each tester an access code to view his/her online score report. A paper score report will also be mailed to your home address. Use the PSAT Score Report to inform and develop your College Admission Plan. The score report can help you project likely scores for the new redesigned SAT that will be