WH Tree“Your State: Who, What, When, Where, How, Why?” will provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn and hone their research and presentation skills. Using the history of the student’s home state as the research topic, students will learn vital research skills which will be needed across a multitude of disciplines in their academic future. We will focus on learning how to decide which resources are valuable and relevant and which are not, as well as becoming adept at deciding which facts are pertinent to the subject and which are not. Another major focus will be on having students learn how to present the material they are compiling to an audience in a clear and well-organized fashion. Students will gain experience in preparing presentations both written and oral. They will also learn to utilize some of the newer forms of computer-generated presentations. This course promises to be a fun way to learn about the states that students call home, while at the same time helping them prepare for rhetoric level academics, which will require the ability to communicate what they are learning in clear and concise ways.

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